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The Video That Started It All 

Here is What We Are Working With :

Looking to Leave your Mark on

Syracuse University ?


Well Here is your Chance!



My name is Madelyn Minicozzi and I am a second year Industrial Design major in VPA! I was recently chosen as a Fast Forward grant recipient for my Mural on the Mount proposal! My prosposal was to reinvent the Mount Steps into an art installation showcasing artworks from Syracuse University students, faculty, and alumni stretching the length of the steps. 





With the grant in place and the steps under repair, I now need your HELP to make this idea a REALITY!



(skip to 25:26)


Mural on

The Mount

Get Involved


As a part of the project I am collecting original designs from students, clubs/orgs, and alumni and the best submissions will be used for the final project. 


The mural will be created in a collage/art tunnel format with the selected submissions each receiving a designated spot on the steps.



The designs can consists of anything! They could be realistic, imaginary, political, abstract, geometric, the list goes on and on!


Make it something that sparks your interests or captures your style!


The Vision :

How To Submit:


                    Submit your creations to :



Please Include: Full Name, Major, and Year!

(and of course a jpeg or pdf of your design)


The designs will be looked over and an email sent out with approval status!


Anything Goes so Get Designing!

However, keep in mind the laws of plagiarism and keep these designs ORIGINAL!


Can’t Wait to Hear From All of You!!!

Feel Free to Contact Me with Any Questions!


(For easy access use the SUBMIT botton at the top of this page to link directly to the email address provided)




Updated Deadline: 

September 13th, 2014

By Midnight

Spread the Word!

The More People Involved the More Power This Project Will Have

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